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Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist, Serena Poon introduces the exclusive invite-only Serena Loves app to kickstart your health and give you the tools you need to stress less, sleep better, and slim down in just 28 days! 

Nighttime Routine + 

Sleep Tips

Did you know simply not getting enough restful sleep is linked to mental health issues, immune system failure, diabetes and insulin-resistance, cancer, obesity, memory loss, and accelerated aging. Just sleeping poorly for one night can result in damage to your skin elasticity, the storing of extra body fat. It is also essential to brain health and function. 

One way to hit the reset button on all of the systems in your body is GOOD SLEEP. 

Reset Your Sleep, Reset Your Health!

Improving sleep quality and quantity is one of the most important steps to getting back to your most vibrant self! Resetting your sleep patterns can help you meet your other goals! My Program, Serena's Ultimate Health Reset, also aims to reduce your stress levels and help you lose stubborn weight. My tools, tips, practices, recipes, routines & more are all shared in this program.


Serena's Ultimate Health Reset Program

What do I get?

Invite-Only App

Invite-only access to my easy-to-use mobile app that can help you keep a close eye on your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindset - all while tracking your progress and goals along the way.

Custom Supplements

28 days of my nutraceutical-grade supplements (purchased directly from the app) to enhance metabolic function, help your body manage stress, and provide other incredible benefits straight to your door! 


We understand how important accountability is on anyone’s health journey. You will not be doing this alone - we are here to support you mentally, physically, and emotionally with our built-in accountability program.

Guided Meditations

Meditation and mindfulness are two main components of my program. We have guided meditations and breathing exercises for you to follow along to at any point in the program.

Sleep Tips

If you're someone who struggles with sleep, you are not alone. Sleep is the foundation of our health and how we show up in the world, which is why I've provided a whole section on how to get deep, restful sleep every night. 

Health Tracking

Tracking your progress is a crucial step in your health journey. We celebrate your wins (no matter how big or small) so you will feel motivated and excited to keep going!

Recipes & Shopping List

I provide a plant-based meal plan, shopping lists, and various recipes that I myself love and use in my own life. We took away the friction so all you have to focus on is your health.


You'll find exercises to fit your unique needs and goals. This program is special because we focus on the mind, body, and spirit. It's all encompassing of the things that will make you feel great.

Chat Support

Questions? No problem! You will have access to 24/7 chat support in the app to get your questions answered. My team is knowledgable & passionate about helping you on this journey.


Why People are LOVING Serena's Ultimate Health Reset +  App + Supplements 

This year has been tough to get through emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am getting married this year and wanted ​to get my energy up, deal with some mood issues, reset my diet, and lose some stubborn quarantine weight. After Serena's Health Reset, I'm feeling like my best self in so many ways ...and my bridesmaids are starting the program now too! 

- Meg

This program was organized and easy to follow! The step by step guides, recipes, and support made this health plan something I could stick to! 

- Candice

I was unable to sleep throughout the night due to stress, worry, and developed bad eating habits to cope. Being tired, but wired, impacted my ability to focus, feel present, and have energy to give in the areas that matter most to me. I'm so grateful to have reset my sleep and health with Serena's Program. I'm getting 7 straight hours a night and my stress levels feel much lower. The results are beginning to show in my work and relationships. This is something I will do again and again and highly recommend that you try it ASAP!

- Talia

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